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LE REGAL Introduce a Clear display The alarm clock has a super large digital display with bold fonts. It is easy to read and gives you a comfortable visual experience. Easy operation The clock has multiple easily accessible buttons at the back. You can easily set the date, time, and alarm mode by using the buttons. The snooze/backlight button is situated at the top for quick access. Progressive sound The sound of the alarm increases progressively and the frequency becomes faster with time. The ringing will continue for one minute and then resume again after five minutes to give you a pleasant awakening experience. Waking up from deep sleep is often difficult for us. However, this convenient multi-functional digital alarm clock can easily turn away your worries. The clock has a convenient snooze feature and progressing alarm sound that wakes you up from a deep sleep without startling you. It has numerous other functionalities like night time sensor which shows you the time even in darkness and temperature display that informs you about your indoor temperatures. The clock has a smart backlight feature that helps you to check the time clearly at night. The clock has an automatic night-time sensor. This alarm clock has a snooze option. It will enable you to enjoy a comfortable and prolonged wake-up call with the repeating snooze option. The digital alarm clock will inform you about the environmental temperature. The indoor temperature is displayed on the clock.

Large LCD Display Digital Alarm Clock

SKU: 0013
  • Color BLACK
    Item Weight 209 g
    Product Dimensions 14 x 5 x 8 cm
    Shipping Weight 345 Grams
    Item Model Number LR-AC300
    Item Part Number IMPORT
    Primary material ABS Plastic
    Capacity Standard
    What is in the box? Large LCD Clock & User Manual
    Item Shape Rectangular

(10AM to 7PM)

(10AM to 7PM)


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