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Apple Ios Fast Magnetic Charger

SKU: 0002
  • 1 METER LONG WITH LED INDICATOR, HASSLE FREE CHARGING AND SYNCING, IT'S FRIENDLY WHEN DRIVING CAR, NO NEED TO PUSH AND PULL, SAVE YOUR PHONE, GOLD PLATED CONNECTOR, MAGNETIC DATA CABLE, NYLON BRAIDED PURE COPPER WIRE, Fast Charging upto 2.4A current and 40% higher charging speed than normal cables. Gold Plated Android Connectors Pure Copper Wire, Aluminium Casing 1 Meter Long, LED Indicator Nylon Braided Wire, Strong Magnet



    LE RÉGAL Elough Magnetic Phone Ios Cable is one of its kind and an innovative product launched by Le Regal India. Now no need to pull and push cable connector into your phone's charging jack. Elough magnetic cable will find the jack automatically when placed near it and adjust itself for hassle-free charging and syncing. Very friendly when driving car. You can connect your charging cable without disturbing your driving. It charges electrifying fast with 2A current and is 1 Meter long with LED indicator. Android connector is Gold Plated for fast charging with Aluminium Casing and Nylon Braided pure Copper Wired Apple ios  magnetic micro fast usb cable.

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(10AM to 7PM)


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